Surfboard Tables

TinkerdesignssurfboardtablezebraZebra striped surfboard table is sold. Yearnings for a similar Zebra table will be considered. Please email through your ideas or request.

TinkerdesignssurfboardtablebluecloudsBlue Cloud table is a beautiful mood setting table that simply makes one feel content when entering the room it occupies. It is one of a kind and is currently available.

PinkRetroSurfboardTableTinkerPink Retro is also one of a kind and has a gold pin line separating the white edge to the deck it has a refreshing and calming feel to it and much loved by many admirers.

All surfboard tables are new and made with quality processes. The stainless steel is marine (316) grade.

If you are a business or Hotel Resort chain you may consider a corporate Logo underneath the fibre glass.

Price:  1 individual table starts at $1,750 (Australian Dollars)

Price: for more than 1 please email Tinker Designs for a wholesale price

Size (approx)

height 400mm (1.4ft)

Width  530mm at maximum (1ft.9″)

length  1950mm (6.5ft)

These tables are beautifully made incorporating the highest grade workmanship and materials.

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